I love reading the newspapers every day.

I actually read several. When I’m very busy they stack up around my home until I can get to them. The pleasure I receive going through each daily paper is such a great return on investment on the fifty cents I pay (and more depending on the paper) that for me, they are still one of the great bargains in a joyful life.

Now if you’re kind of bored with your daily routine or you’re just looking ahead to the next chapter of your life and you’re thinking you’d like to find a second career and do something a little more creative or meaningful, the newspaper can be a great source of clues for you.

It’s very simple, just notice what you read first. Where do you linger a long time? What do you skip past?

For me, my life long interest in the arts and entertainment world has had me keeping up with which movies are being started and what’s appearing soon at a theater near me for decades. It’s not a chore and doesn’t feel like work to stay on top of what’s happening in that space because I’m genuinely interested.

Now for you, perhaps it’s the food section with all those creative recipes or perhaps it’s the latest commentary in the world of sports.

In my case, once I focused on where my heart was naturally interested, then I turned my attention to figuring out all the different ways I could leverage that into money making opportunities. So I have a book contract and use my love of movies as vivid examples and illustrations of success principles both with my executive clients and those who are looking for their next career.

And of course, when I sit down to post to this blog you will have noticed how often my focus here includes the movies. So writing this is no longer a chore, but a pleasure to share.

So pull out your favorite paper and notice where your energy naturally settles happily. Then start to consider how you could include that as a part of what you do today in your professional life and what new income possibilities you could explore — even on a part time basis.