Local boy made good today, and it’s an inspiring lesson for all of us.

Many years ago, Michael wrote a three line newspaper ad to sell his used computer and spent $3 to do it. From that common experience he saw an opportunity and started a business from his kitchen table in Glenview, IL. Over the years the company grew. Today, the company that he started as Computer Discount Warehouse (that became more widely known as CDW) announced today that it was being sold for $7.3 billion.

Now that’s a good return on investment starting just from a hunch.

What I found most fascinating about the story was what the founder said about their beginnings on their website:

“I never imagined that I could build such a successful company, just by doing what I love to do,” said Krasny. “I didn’t start CDW with a business plan – I started with one customer and a passion for technology.”

He didn’t have a Harvard MBA, but he saw a need that coincided with an area he loved and he just got started and figured the rest out as he went along.

What are some of your passions that you could match to something others desire? Your fortune could be waiting for you. And you could get started on your kitchen table. Call me if you want me to get you going on finally doing this for yourself and your family.